Neurosurgeons from Cuba and the United States meet in Havana

Neurosurgeons from Cuba and the United States meet in HavanaHavana, Nov 17 (PL) In the framework of the NeuroCuba Neurosciences International Congress 2017, which today is developing its second day of work, national and American doctors meet to exchange on neurosurgery.

Actually, this is the second meeting because a first approach was already held in 2015, but it could be said that it was an isolated event. This is the first opportunity in which the doctors of both countries meet as part of the NeuroCuba, which is now in its third edition, Orestes López, president of the organizing committee, told Prensa Latina.

The specialist of the Cuban Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery reported that the meeting is held in a round table, with the participation of American professors in epilepsy surgery, health administration and tumor surgery.

In these meetings we oxygenate a lot, from both sides, and we update ourselves about how the state of some pathologies that are very controversial today, said Lopez.

The president of the organizing committee of NeuroCuba 2017 stressed that, for the first time, the congress has a large number of foreign delegates (514 from more than 15 countries), with internationally renowned professors who are teaching courses in the Cuban capital advanced technologies.

These technological advances coincide in many cases with the techniques that are being applied in Cuba at this time, thanks to the investments enhanced by the Ministry of Public Health, Lopez acknowledged.

We are talking about the most novel procedures, both for endoscopy for the pituitary region, the skull base, and for the endovascular treatment of malformation of the brain.

Also outstanding are the procedures for the full range of guided surgery in the case of brain lesions of tumoral origin, and those of vascular origin, he explained.

NeuroCuba is carried out every 4 years and in the conclave, topics related to neurology and neurosurgery are discussed and updated, as well as sciences related to these specialties (neurosciences).

In this edition, the most numerous delegation is from Japan, which includes nine internationally renowned specialists accompanied by Spanish and North American professors who joined the group to teach in Cuba a course offered by the World Federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS).

They are also accompanied by the president of the Asian neurosurgery society, and the president of the foundation of the WFNS, which gives great prestige to the event, said Lopez.

NeuroCuba 2017, which takes place in Havana’s Hotel Habana Libre Trip, will conclude this Saturday.