Sun Country drops flight plans for Cuba

Sun Country drops flight plans for Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 13th New rules that went into effect last Thursday by the U.S. government concerning travel to Cuba has caused Sun Country to relinquish its rights to fly to Cuba.

The Minnesota-based carrier addressed the FAA and stated that it no longer wished to have clearance to fly to Cuba because of travel regulatory uncertainties.

The new regulations have made it nearly impossible for a person to travel to Cuba as an individual. If you want to travel to the island, you will have to travel with an educational group that supports the causes of the Cuban people.
Basically, Americans are prevented from interacting with Cuban businesses that (i) are government sponsored or (ii) support the military in any way.

American Airlines has already stated that it will drop a flight from Miami to Cienfuegos starting in January, and many other airlines have already cut back their scheduled flights because of low demand for the destination.

When travel to Cuba first opened up in 2015, the demand was heavy, and airlines rushed to offer flights to this island country.

However, recent developments between Cuba and the United States have caused each country to change its requirements about travel to and from the other country, as well as whom it will allow to enter their own.

The latest changes passed last Thursday have simply made it too complicated for anyone just wishing to travel to Cuba for leisure. Until further notice, it is easy to anticipate that Sun Country will not be the only airline to withdraw their flight schedules to Cuba.