15 people are charged in Cuba with international drug trafficking

15 people are charged in Cuba with international drug trafficking

HAVANA, Feb  17. The Cuban Prosecutor’s Office requests joint sentences of between 20 and 30 years in prison against 15 people, three of them foreigners after dismantling a drug trafficking network based in Jamaica, Cuban Television news reported this Friday.

The defendants are accused of the crimes of international drug trafficking, attack and illegal carrying and possession of weapons, in addition to other crimes that the news did not clarify.

All were tried by the Provincial Court of Santiago de Cuba on a date that was not disclosed. The state television report also did not clarify when the court’s ruling will be announced.

According to the report released this Friday, the group, which was led by a Cuban living abroad, tried to establish “a support base” from the island to introduce cocaine and synthetic drugs by sea from the eastern side. from the country.

The detainees were seized with 300 pounds (136 kilos) of marijuana, a “large amount of money,” “satellite communication media” and a “firearm.”

To avoid being detected on the roads, the defendants used a car with a tourist license plate, according to police information.

In recent days, the Cuban ruling party has focused, through its state and related media, on reinforcing the idea of a “strong hand” against crime and “social indiscipline.” However, an increase in crime has also been recognized.