ETECSA continues to restrict services in Cuba

ETECSA continues to restrict services in CubaHAVANA, 11 mars. The state monopoly ETECSA restricts the time for the use of the double recharge bonuses, according to the official newspaper Granma.

From a 45 to only 16 days, the time has been shortened to use the bonus that isobtained after the recharges made from outside the Island.

Diario de Cuba reports that these bonds have at least a gift of 30 CUC, which is obtained by paying 20 CUC.

The measure of the reduction for the use of the double recharge bonus, adds to the recent restriction of ETECSA to the sending of SMS from platforms and Internet portals that offered this service at very cheap prices and even free.

Cuballama, Fonoma, Dime Cuba and many other internet portals allowed from the communication of the families abroad to send  massive SMS with advertising to promote shows or businesses of self-employed.

This SMS service provided by Cuballama, Fonoma and others that has been blocked has affected the confirmation of accounts in networks (such as Facebook), the Google Digits service and online banking transactions.

According to an expert consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA who asked for anonymity, this measure of ETECSA could pursue “getting more revenue” or “stop the avalanche of SMS advertising.”

Cuballama agrees that the state monopoly would be trying to raise prices, according to one of his clients in his blog.

“We agree that it is a maneuver to raise prices, but not Cuballama, but ETECSA,” they said.

ETECSA suspended the SMS service from abroad since February without giving an explanation and without having pronounced on the subject.

According to the state-owned Granma, instability in the Nauta mail, the non-correspondence between the price of a cell line and the personal economy of most Cubans, the delay in fixed telephony transfers are several of the “discontents.”

“A recurring theme – in all online forums – is related to the income that the company perceives from the application of such promotions, in this sense it is good to clarify that this money is used by ETECSA to cover investments and modernization of their networks, but also serves to contribute to the country and guarantee other social projects, “said Héctor Marsal Blanco, director of Marketing for the mobile services division of ETECSA.

The official Granma acknowledges “that the infrastructure of telecommunications in Cuba is not consolidated.”