Cuba makes progress in breeding silkworms

HAVANA, March 19th — Cuban researcher Marlene Prieto is passionate about two things: silkworm breeding and mulberry cultivation and she has been leading a project combining these two since 2005. Prieto, an agronomist, has

A closer look into Lucumi and Yoruba in comparison

HAVANA, march 18th In Matanzas some children play around, usually oscillating between two languages – Spanish and another they call Lucumi. Save for some differences, Lucumi is our own Nigerian Yoruba.

Economic Reforms Brings First Wholesale Food Market

HAVANA, march 17th Mary Blanca Ortega, Interior Minister of Commerce (MINCIN), said the opening of the wholesale food market would generate more cooperatives. Amid talks of economic reforms in Cuba, the country inaugurated

Digicel ends Cuba roaming service for U.S. customers

HAVANA, march 16th Digicel, which provides wireless networks throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the South Pacific, is dropping its Cuba roaming service for U.S. customers on April 9. The Jamaica-based company was

Can Recycling, a Novel Issue at Cuba Industry 2018

HAVANA, Mar 13 (PL) The recycling of cans and boxes will be one of the novelties at the 3rd Congress of Containers and Packaging that will take place from June 18 to 22 in this capital. This year we incorporate a vital topic for the

Cuba Will Organize the Terry Fox Race next Saturday

HAVANA, Mar 13 (PL) Cuba will organize the Terry Fox Race on Saturday at the same time throughout the country , revealed today Carlos Gattorno, director of the Marabana-Maracuba project. According to Gattorno, the trekking

Airlines Compete For Right To Service Cuba

HAVANA, march 10th Airlines compete for right to service Cuba after several airlines have decided to discontinue service , is irrelevant to other United States carriers who are involved in a hotly contested battle to gain a foothold in this

Cuban vote begins end of Castro era

HAVANA, march 10th  (AFP) On Sunday  Cuban vote begins end of Castro era and designates the 605 members of its National Assembly, an electoral process without surprise since there are as many candidates as seats. But one of them will succeed President Raul Castro in April, marking the

Cuba welcomes its 1st mln international tourists

HAVANA, March 9th  Cuba welcomes its 1st mln international tourists so far this year, an official said. Janet Ayala, communications director of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, confirmed the figure on her Facebook account, saying the number was obtained from various travel

International Sterilization Day in Cuba

HAVANA, march 8th (HT) Recently, there has been a mass and free sterilization campaign for dogs and cats that has been taking place in the buildings of the beautiful Quinta de los Molinos, located on Carlos III Avenue, Central

Researchers from around the World Gather in Havana

HAVANA,March 7 (acn) Over 1,200 experts from 39 countries are gathering in Havana for the 2nd International Convention on Science, Technology and Innovation, aimed at promoting the exchange of expertise, integration

Cuba Imposes New Restrictions on Imports

HAVANA, march 6th  (Reuters) – Cuba has imposed new restrictions on imports by state-run companies, ordering them to obtain a letter of credit from the central bank for purchases above the equivalent of $100,000, as Cuba

The faces of Cuba’s tobacco industry

HAVANA, Mar. 6th (AP) One is a weathered tobacco picker who harvests bright-green leaves in the fields of Pinar del Rio province. Another is a Havana resident who selects the best leaves with elaborately manicured hands, her delicate nails