Why Animal Rights Law Still Pending in Cuba ?

HAVANA, Dec. 14th (HT) It will seem contradictory, but I was very happy to find a post on Facebook that denounced the abuse some lion cubs were subjected to at the Camaguey zoo. Of course I was sad for these animals and my city, but my happiness came from the long list of comments and […]

New legal regulations for Cuban state enterprises

HAVANA, Dec.13th (PL) The transformation process aimed at promoting a more organized business system stipulated today the entry into force of new provisions to grant greater autonomy to companies and thus improve the Cuban

Silva and la Cruz best sportspeople in Cuba in 2017

HAVANA, Dec 13th Pole vaulter Yarisley Silva and boxer Julio César La Cruz were chosen as best athletes of individual sports in Cuba in 2017, in women´s and men´s categories respectively, in a meeting that took place at Havana´s

Technical Problems at the Havana Film Festival

HAVANA, Dec. 13th (HT) The Havana Film Festival has enjoyed great prestige ever since it was founded in 1979. In fact, it’s after Cannes, one of the most important film festivals in the world. This is illustrated by the quality of the

Cuba and US Hold Talks in Washington

HAVANA, Dec. 13th The United States and Cuba held the 31st bi annual Migration Talks in Washington, DC on Monday, December 11. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs John Creamer and Deputy

VI CARICOM Cuba Summit concludes with new agreements

HAVANA, Dec. 12th (Press Release)  During the VI CARICOM Cuba Summit, which took place on December 8, 2017 in Antigua and Barbuda, a memorandum on multi-destination tourism was signed between the CARICOM member

U.S. suspension of visas is hurting cuban families

HAVANA,Dec. 12th  (Reuters) – Cuba told senior U.S. officials during talks on migration in Havana on Monday that the U.S. decision to suspend visa processing at its embassy on the island was “seriously hampering” family relations and other people exchanges. A view of the U.S. and Cuban flags prior

Santiago de Cuba seeks to profit from its coffee tradition

HAVANA, Dec. 11th (Xinhua) — On the slopes of the Sierra Maestra Mountains at altitudes higher than 500 meters above sea level, coffee plantations are receiving a different kind of attention today. The Coffee Roads project has been

Cuba and its Pending Matters

HAVANA, Dec. 7th (HT) The year 2017 is drawing to an end with its almost paralyzed “reform process” and the economy hasn’t changed in the way the Communist Party Guidelines proposed, which the government itself had put forward and had been ratified by millions of Cubans at assemblies. It will

Parched Santiago de Cuba works to make seawater potable

HAVANA, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) Severe, cyclical drought has led the coastal Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba to turn to an abundant though unlikely resource: seawater. About 20 kilometers inland from Cuba’s second-largest city, home to

Cuban artists crowdfund to create a ‘Havana Biennial for everyone’

HAVANA, Dec. 7th A crowdfunding campaign was launched this week for the #00(5-15 May 2018), an independent alternative event that is due to take the place of the 13th Havana Biennial, which the Cuban government has postponed until 2019 because of a lack of resources after Hurricane Irma hit the island. “The country is


HAVANA, Dec. 5 (Sabworld) On vacation in Cuba and already fed up with Che’s green cap, fed up with tasteless food, enough of the “I love Cuba” shirt and still looking for a gift or an original souvenir? I have THE solution for you, the

Trump names career diplomat to head Cuban embassy

HAVANA, Dec. 5th  (Reuters) – The Trump administration has named career diplomat Philip Goldberg to head the all-but-abandoned U.S. embassy in Havana, according to three sources familiar with the matter, at a time of heightened

Confusion reigns over sanctions and regulations

HAVANA, Dec. 4th (cubastandard) So the Trump administration’s amended sanctions regulations, in addition to some more red tape and liability, now prohibit – as announced – individual travel under the “educational”

“A pilot in Cuba should not earn only 40 dollars”

HAVANA, Dec. 3 (Cibercuba) The massive exodus of qualified workforce, as well as the lack of specialists, technicians and operators, directly and negatively impacts the quality of Cuba’s transport and airport sector, the

This Sunday you can see the supermoon 2017

HAVANA, Dec. 2  When the weekend is over, exactly on the night of Sunday to Monday, you can again observe the supermoon, a phenomenon that allows you to see the celestial body 14% larger than its usual size and with a