I Don’t Want to Live to 120 Years Old

HAVANA, Nov. 13th (HT) In Cuba, it’s no secret to anyone that the population is aging more and more as the days go by. The reasons for this are many, but there are two main ones: low birth rates, also for many different reasons, and the advances made in medicine and healthcare, which

Sun Country drops flight plans for Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 13th New rules that went into effect last Thursday by the U.S. government concerning travel to Cuba has caused Sun Country to relinquish its rights to fly to Cuba. The Minnesota-based carrier addressed the FAA and stated

The Cuban adventure of Fleur Darkin

HAVANA, 12 Nov The Cuban adventure of the British Fleur Darkin (one of the most recognized figures of the choreographic “new wave” of her country) began a few months ago, when she arrived in Havana to ride with Contemporary Dancing of Cuba (DCC), as part of the

Raúl Castro receives former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien

HAVANA, Nov 11 (EFE) Cuban President Raúl Castro received former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien on Friday in Havana, who is making a private visit to the country, state media on the island said. Castro and Chretien recalled during a talk the visit made to the island in April 1998, when he was prime minister, […]

Trump administration tightens sanctions against Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 8th (REUTERS) The changes, which take effect on Thursday, are aimed at preventing U.S. trade and travelers from benefiting its military, intelligences and security arms of the Communist-ruled country, the U.S.

Call for Entries in the Alternative Havana Biennial May 2018

HAVANA, Nov. 7th (HT) The Museum of Politically Uneasy Art, alongside a group of independent Cuban spaces, artists, theorists and curators are calling for entries for the #00 Havana Biennial which will take place from May 5-15, 2018 in the Cuban capital. This event was conceived in the wake of the decision made by the […]

A Russian diamond for Havana’s Capitol

HAVANA, Nov. 7 (DDC) The Russian institute Bering-Bellingshausen for the Americas (IBBA), based in Montevideo, proposed the Russian diamond factory in Smolensk to give the Cuban government a diamond for the Capitol in Havana, Sputnik News reports. “To commemorate

Cuba and Russia negotiate project of 1054 million dollars

HAVANA, Nov. 6th (EFE) Cuba and Russia advanced today in Havana in the negotiations of a joint project aimed at modernizing the island’s rail sector, with an execution plan conceived until 2030, and they hope to sign the final

El paquete semanal comes to New York

HAVANA, Oct. 31th (cubanartnews)17. (SEPT project) [By WeistSiréPC] ™, an exhibition by Cuban artist Nestor Siré and American artist Julia Weist, has taken up residence at the Queens Museum. The project consists of creating the

Cuba closer to foreign investment goal

HAVANA, Oct. 31th (HT) The Cuban economy received some US $2 billion of promised foreign investment this year despite the US embargo and the confrontation between the two countries since the presidency of Donald Trump,

ETECSA drop public Wi-Fi price

HAVANA, Oct. 30 (HT) Good news today for Cubans with the ability to pay to connect to the Internet from the public Wi-Fi points around the country, Etecsa,has dropped the price from 1.50 to 1.00 CUC (similar in USD) for an hour’s online time. The company announced they will also be offering ½ hour cards […]

Cuban fashion takes its nose out of the water

HAVANA, Oct. 29 (AFP) Imbued in the world of biochemistry and molecular biology, Fabián Lombillo is also concerned about being fashionable at age 23, especially now that “the culture of good dress” is growing in Cuba, he says. “In Cuba, this culture of good dress, or dress comfortably,

Tropical storm Philippe approaches Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 28th  Tropical Storm Philippe has developed near Havana and it is expected to contribute heavy rain in western Cuba  this weekend . Data from an Air Force Reserve Reconnaissance aircraft found that this system had formed into a tropical storm Saturday afternoon.