Don Martin

 Élite, el arte del buen comer

Élite, el arte del buen comer

Ranchón Don Martín …. with Cuban touch 

By:Yanelys Hernández Cordero   If you are looking for Cuban cuisine at Ranchón Don Martín, located at calle 198 # 3733 e / 37 and 45 Versalles, La Lisa, you can taste various dishes of Creole food with special offers of the grill.

The emotional history of the establishment speaks volumes about the Island and its inhabitants. They tell that more than 40 years ago, in that same place, a gentleman founded a confectionery store, which over time became well known.

After his death, his sons (Frank Acosta Fonseca and Martin) took the name of their father and mutated, from the art of confectionery, to the creation of Ranchón Don Martín.

Pastas, chicken, pork, shrimp … are some of the proposals available to the diners in a cozy atmosphere and endors with indigenous elements of the Greater Antilles.

Simple, as Cubans are, the place boasts a cuisine of excellence that you can accompany with a piña colada, natural juices, lemonade, beer, soft drinks or energy drinks.

Sandra Pérez Naranjo, wife of one of the owners, takes very close care of the satisfaction of customers to feel “at home”. The friendly treatment, the speed of service, the pleasant country décor accompanied by exquisite dishes, make Ranchón Don Martín a place that invites to return.

Calle 198 #3733 e/ 37 y 45
Versalles, La Lisa
Tel: (53) 7 262 7049