This year ETECSA prepares internet for Cuban mobile phones

HAVANA, May 8 On December 29, ETECSA announced that this year it will offer internet in mobile phones in Cuba. However, the company did not advance how the service will be, how much it will cost or when it will start to lend itself.

This Tuesday the newspaper Escambray, of Sancti Spíritus, has advanced that the service will be discounted of the main balance of the cellular one and that Internet will be able to be bought like a data package, of the same form that today the Nauta stock exchange is acquired, the SMS Plan or the Voice Plan.

According to Lourdes María Lorenzo Ferrer, the main specialist of the Mobile Services Department in Sancti Spiritus, the internet package will be sold by volume. The price will depend on the gigabytes, which will be valid for a limited time, which could be, for example, a month. In case a client has intact its 500 mb, it will have to buy a new package of another 500 mb in order not to lose them.

The telephones that want to operate with Internet must do it in the band of the 900 megahertz and to have installed a software that allows the service of access to data in the 3G. In fact, the company already has them for sale of Alcatel, Huawei and Samsung brands.

The Cuban expert assures the pro-government newspaper that 3G technology allows “greater speed of data transmission and a bandwidth capable of allowing video calls and listening to music in real time, as well as downloading and uploading files”.

In the last three years, Sancti Spíritus has gone from 0 to 27 zones with Wi-Fi access and in 2018, in addition to connecting mobile phones to the network, four new connection areas will also be enabled on public roads. In total, 25 radiobases operate in the territory. However, coverage continues to fail in places such as Guayos or Yaguajay or is saturated in celebrations such as Mother’s Day.

ETECSA is rethinking to improve customer service and increase personnel, in fact workers are already being prepared that will go to the sales service in this province.

The company reminds that next May 18 all phones with invalid IMEI will be deactivated. Clients are being notified, although you can also consult through the web Each phone must have a single IMEI.

This code is falsified and there are computers with more than one code. It’s about, explain from the company, false equipment. When a phone is lost, the IMEI is blacklisted, but if the IMEI is false, the terminal can not be recovered, they say from ETECSA.