Dominican airline requests permission to fly to Cuba

HAVANA, june 23th The Dominican airline Air Century has requested permission to connect Santo Domingo and Santiago de Cuba, authorization that it hopes to obtain in a short time to start operating before the end of the year, said

Indian president visits Cuba to strengthen cooperation

HAVANA, June 22 (Xinhua) — Indian President Ram Nath Kovind arrived in Cuba on Thursday for a two-day visit aimed at strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries. Kovind arrived at the southeastern city of

HAVANA, june 21th (AP)  — Minutes after a plane carrying 113 people crashed on takeoff from Havana airport, Cuban state media filled with minute-by-minute updates, cellphone video from the accident and an interview from the scene

Camagüey Airport Awarded by American Airlines

HAVANA, Jun 20 (PL)  Camagüey Airport awarded by American Airlines, the U.S. company with the largest number of operations in Cuba, the Customer Service Cup to the International Airport of this eastern-central region, which

Sunrise Airways plans to expand its trade routes in Cuba

HAVANA,Juin 18th (PL) Sunrise Airways plans to expand its commercial routes with Cuba, as part of the One Caribbean initiative, which plans to make Haiti a regional center. The airline since 2012 promotes the concept of safe,

Cuba keeps a unique automobile treasure in America

HAVANA, June 18 (Xinhua) – Almost unknowingly, Cuban Julia Medina became a unique treasure in America: a Healey Silverstone D10 race car, which is perfectly preserved, after almost seven decades of manufacture.

Nestlé Receives the Support of Chefs in Cuba

HAVANA, Jun 15 (PL) The famous Swiss food company Nestlé receives today the support of the Federation of Culinary Associations of the Republic of Cuba (FACRC), whose chefs see with good eyes a recent recipe book of

Heavy Rains Forecast for Cuba in Next Five Days

Havana, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) A flow of humid air associated to a mass of hot air extended over the Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico will keep high the rain probability in Cuba over the next five days, report today the local media. Rainfall could be strong and intense in some localities, with

Directory promotes private enterprise in Havana

HAVANA, June 11 (IPS) With the intention of “promoting and bringing closer” the enterprises that currently “are part of the business ecosystem of the private sector in Cuba”, the CubaEmprende project has published a new Directory of companies. The product gathers information from some 105

A Plastics Recycling Industry in Santa Clara

HAVANA, june 3th (HT) From the Central Highway heading toward the town of Esperanza, you can see a place which appears to be a garbage dump, at first sight. There, Yenobys Sanchez Perez (who is only 26 years old) leads a

Cuba set to launch constitutional reform

HAVANA, June 2 (Reuters) – Cuba’s national assembly is set on Saturday to begin the long-awaited reform of its constitution to give legal backing to Cuba’s economic and social opening while upholding the “irrevocable nature of