HAVANA, June 23th This is a sweet mini-doc about Yaya, one of the first women to surf in Cuba, who also happens to be the National Dolphin Trainer. Not a bad claim to fame in our eyes. Cuba has a small, but growing surf community that was born out of DIY roots.

Cuba, US still cooperating on stopping drug smugglers

HAVANA, June 23th (AP)  The US and Cuba are still cooperating to intercept drug smugglers even through the Trump administration has halted high-level meetings on stopping the flow of narcotics through the Caribbean, a top

Cuba keeps Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya under control

HAVANA, Jun 23th (PL) Cuba keeps diseases as dengue, zika and chikungunya under control, despite the existence of their transmitting agent: the mosquito Aedes Aegypti, said today the director for Vigilance and Anti-Vectorial

Rare Cuban butterfly made his way to Key Largo

HAVANA, June 22th  Big news broke in the butterfly world this week. A naturalist searching for endangered Schaus’ swallowtails in Key Largo discovered something much more rare: a battered but conspicuously alive Poey’s swallowtail,

The Cats of HAVANA

HAVANA, June 21th (By Joann Biondi)  It’s not easy being a cat in Cuba. There’s no flea medicine, no cat litter and no catnip. Historically, they’ve been relegated to second-class status after dogs. During the “special period” of the early 90s when food was scarce following the breakup of the Soviet

Victory Cruise Line gets Cuba approval

HAVANA, June 21th Victory Cruise Lines is excited to reveal that we have been approved to sail our cruise ship, Victory I, from the US to Cuba. As Victory Cruise Lines’s small ships can fit into all the cruise ports in Cuba, we plan to seek most

Havana to Host 18th Arte de la Rampa Fair

HAVANA, Jun 20th (PL) The 18th edition of the Arte en La Rampa Cuban Culture Fair will open its doors in Havana on June 30, with many varieties and proposals, until September 3, its organizers reported here Monday. As usual, the event will be hosted by Pabellon Cuba, and this edition will be

HAVANA, June 19th  Air France customers can now enjoy the comfort of the latest new long-haul travel cabins on some flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Havana.

Trump rollback Obama’s opening toward Cuba

HAVANA, June 16th (Reuters) U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back his predecessor’s opening toward Cuba will spare airlines and cruise operators who have bet on a new revenue source, but the rollback could affect them by weakening demand. Trump on Friday ordered

Cuba general elections announced for later this year

HAVANA, June 14th Cuban assembly members are elected at the local level, and hail from diverse backgrounds and sectors of society. The Cuban Council of State called on Tuesday for the holding of general elections to decide the delegates of both the municipal and provincial assemblies,

Most GOP Against Changing Cuba Policy

HAVANA, June 12th As President Donald Trump weighs rolling back some of the Cuba normalization policies begun during the Obama administration, a new poll finds a majority of Republicans would oppose such a move. The president is scheduled to speak about Cuba on Friday

Sunrise inaugurates six direct weekly flights to Cuba

HAVANA, June 11th The official inauguration of the route between Havana and Port-au-Prince took place last Friday, bringing the weekly trips to the largest of The Antilles. According to a report from state-owned ACN, the airline

French Airline Corsair Starts Flights to Havana

HAVANA, June 9th With the arrival of its first flight ever from Paris to Havana this Thursday, June 8, the French airline Corsair, opened a new route into the Caribbean. Twice a week, Thursdays and Saturdays, aircrafts of Corsair will land in Havana, with plans to expand the frequency, according

Finnair seeks to connect China to Cuba via Helsinki

HAVANA, June 9th Finnair believes it can compete with Air China in connecting Chinese passengers to Cuba when it launches Helsinki-Havana flights in December, CEO Pekka Vauramo said. Finnair, which is the midst of a period of rapid

More than 21,700 people live in Cuba with HIV

HAVANA, June 7 (EFE)  According to official sources,some 21,750 people were living with the HIV virus in Cuba until 2016. Of these, 81% receive “controlled and free ” Antiretrovirals necessary for its treatment.